Design Consultancy

Vipac provides design consultancy services for rail infrastructure, rolling stock and vehicle components.

Tunnels, Portals and Roofs

  • Design of in-tunnel insulation and track isolation treatments to minimise in-car noise levels and ground/structure-borne vibration
  • Control of immission to nearby structures.


  • Internal noise environment, reverberation, spatial sound quality
  • Acoustic surfaces design, station mitigation/treatment options
  • PA & EWIS systems, announcement speech intelligibility (STI), clarity, coverage, audio frequency induction loop (AFIL) performance,
  • Speaker placement, orientation/directivity, modelling, specification
  • Air quality, pollutant assessment, ventilation design


Driver compartment

  • Noise and vibration modelling and mitigation strategies
  • Instrumentation and control panels design
  • Driver alerts/warning systems
  • Evaluation of speed of emergency evacuation.

Sound insulation

  • Statistical Energy Analysis for train envelope sound insulation.

Auxiliary equipment

  • Noise and vibration modelling to assist in the selection of quiet auxiliary equipment
  • Noise and vibration mitigation strategies for auxiliary equipment
  • Noise and vibration laboratory testing of auxiliary equipment
  • Design of quiet air-conditioning systems.

Wayside Enclosures

  • Design of wayside enclosures for the protection of information technology, signalling and communication systems.
  • Environmental testing to ensure optimal performance in relation to vibration, shock, thermal exposure, ingress protection and EMI.

Design for Endurance

Vipac offers design consultancy to extend component and vehicle life by ensuring these will survive harsh operating conditions. Vipac uses environmental testing to identify environmental failures and take remedial actions. Environmental testing provided by Vipac includes:

  • Vibration and shock
  • Thermal exposure and performance
  • Rail and moisture ingress testing
  • Dust testing
  • Fatigue, static, durability testing
  • Pressure tetsing
  • Corrosion testing
  • EMI

Fatigue testing is conducted on bogies, freight cars, carriages, undercar and roof-mounted equipment.

Environmental Noise

  • Design of elevated viaduct/skytrain structures to minimise structure-borne vibration and environmental and in-car noise
  • Design of resilient mounts to isolate rail generated noise from supporting structures
  • Design to minimise curve squeal from trains traversing tight curves
  • Design to minimise flange contact noise.