Environmental Services

Noise and Vibration

Vipac provides noise and vibration assessment and prediction services to support clients involved in the design, construction and operation of transport infrastructure projects.

Services include:

  • Noise impact assessments
  • Ground borne noise and vibration assessments
  • Noise and vibration modelling
  • Noise and vibration mitigation strategies
  • Vibration isolation designs
  • Noise barrier optimisation
  • Public consultation, expert witness and testimony.

Detailed surveys of environmental noise are conducted using the latest in acoustic instrumentation. With the help of sophisticated computer programs, noise contour maps are prepared and evaluated, allowing for the accurate assessment of current conditions and forecasting of the likely impact of construction and operational noise.

Critical noise sources and their impact contribution are ranked and evaluated. Design guidelines and specifications for noise control mechanisms are prepared to prevent future problems and to ensure compliance with noise regulations whilst optimising operating efficiencies with regard to economic considerations.

Vipac also offers a range of services to monitor, analyse and overcome vibration problems to ensure environmental targets are achieved. These include vibration surveys, ground vibration monitoring programs and special vibro-acoustical analysis to assess and mitigate the effects that vibration and regenerated noise can have on buildings adjacent to large infrastructure and rail projects.

Air Quality

Vipac provides air quality services including:

  • Dispersion modelling
  • Ambient air quality monitoring
    • Meteorology, dust, odour, pollutants, toxins
  • Indoor air quality
  • Development applications odour assessment
    • Full spectrum of monitoring, auditing, modelling, assessment, design and mitigation of all sources including blasting noise, blast and ground vibration as well as air, dust and atmospheric emissions and pollution dispersion
  • Environmental Impact Statements
  • Occupational assessments