Environmental Vibration

Vibration is a principal design consideration in achieving high performance requirements with minimal disruption to the public. We offer extensive design, analysis and test services in noise and vibration to minimise environmental impact.

Experienced engineers identify potential structural or airborne vibration and specify or design appropriate control measures prior to construction. Monitoring, design, and advice for blasting, pile driving and vibratory rollers are provided.

Vibration caused by construction activity may have OH&S implications. We are familiar with these implications, and provide advice on control measures to enhance site personnel conditions.

Advanced technologies are used to measure high and low frequency vibrations. For example, AutoSEA is used to analyse statistical energy outputs in high frequency, vibro-acoustic loads, such as rail or tram noise.

Diagnosis of acoustic shock phenomena, such as high-pressure pipe flow at valves, allows the elimination of acoustic shockwaves through design. Oil and gas structures or pipelines, can generate high intensity acoustic energy requiring vibration (fatigue) control to avoid continuous repair work and increased running costs.

Our experience means we identify and eliminate vibration issues at the conceptual or detailed design stage of new assets. Solutions comply with safety case requirements and can lead to substantial cost savings.