The Noise Detective

Vipac’s Noise Detective – A Unique Data Capture & Mass Storage Device for Noise Source Identification is a miniature field PC-based Noise Logger which has been specifically designed for noise source identification can continuously monitor noise levels with CD quality for up to 6 days unattended offers great portability through reduced size and weight – operates on 5V power and robust to withstand field use – the Noise Detective has been designed for use in a wide range of environments including mobile environments and is rated for high shock and vibration conditions. The Noise Detective can operate in the range -20 to + 80OC

Any recorded anomalies, which are typically noted with separately logged statistical data, can be immediately played back, and identified.

The system’s CD quality offers a tremendous advantage over the time consuming standard Industry practice of working one’s way through noise data recorded on sometimes hundreds of tapes in order to identify noise sources and examine noise events of interest.

Any particular date-stamped section of data, or section of data identified by user-defined exceedance functions, can be instantly retrieved and “played back” either on the Noise Detective’s speaker output in the field or from any remote PC after downloading.

The Noise Detective’s Windows-based user-friendly software enables the user to select user definable dates, start/stop times, and recording periods using plug-in standard peripherals (PC/AT compatible keyboard, VGA Monitor, Mouse). Once the system is programmed, the external peripherals are removed and the device is left in the field for stand-alone operation. The stored data can be accessed and retrieved onto a laptop computer (or any PC) via Ethernet link.

If you have a noise complaint to investigate and you want to identify the noise source without the traditional costly attended monitoring and time-consuming tape playback process, the Noise Detective is the answer.