Oil and Gas

Vipac provides engineering solutions to the Oil and Gas industries to address a broad range of operational, environmental and safety requirements. Our expertise in acoustics, vibration and structural dynamics is applied throughout the plant life-cycle to help with the design, operation, maintenance and modification of machinery and structural assets. Equally important, we can assess and manage the environmental impacts to communities living near industrial plants, and can improve OH&S performance.

Our industrial services include:

  • Noise and vibration control
  • Machine condition monitoring (and structure condition monitoring)
  • Dynamic, static, thermal, fluid and structural analysis
  • Steady state and transient flow modelling
  • Pulsation analysis for fluid and gas systems
  • Torsional and lateral vibration analysis of machine shafts
  • Fatigue life assessment
  • Specialist measurement capabilities
  • Specification and design of remedial measures

Our environmental and occupational services include:

  • Measurement and evaluation of air quality, noise and vibration
  • Modelling, impact assessment and health risks of air quality, noise and vibration
  • Management and control of air quality, noise and vibration