Swimming pool pump testing

Vipac has been servicing the pool pump testing industry since 2013, providing tests on all pool pump types from our NATA-accredited labs. We also co-developed the new standard used by the GEMS E3 program. To obtain energy, flow, and pressure measurements with precision, we deploy a state-of-the-art pool pump testing rig — and among its many features is an acoustic chamber that accurately measures the sound power level generated by a pump.

Our extensive pool pump testing services cover energy efficiency and performance, as detailed below, for GEMS registration to the latest standard AS 5102.1:2019 Performance of household electrical appliances – Swimming pool pump units – Measurement of energy consumption and performance.

Vipac’s swimming pool pump testing services

  • Registration of pool pumps:
    • NATA accredited test report
    • Providing advice using the GEMS registration system
    • Energy star rating
    • Weighted energy factor (WEF)
    • Projected annual energy consumption (PAEC)
    • Sound power in accordance with ISO 3743-1
  • Research and development on pool pumps:
    • Offering of professional technical advice
    • Generating pump curves
    • Pump efficiency analysis
    • Pump flow rate and head pressure
    • Power factor and input power
    • Measurements of sound power levels

Vipac ensures our pool pump testing services cover the new regulations. The regulatory change is expected come into effect in 2022, with GEMS registration of swimming pool pumps to become mandatory.

Watch this space for updates.

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