Test and Commissioning

Vipac provides test and commissioning services including stationary and dynamic noise and vibration measurements for new vehicles. Vipac deploys the latest instrumentation for the accurate collection of all measurements including multi-channel data acquisition systems.

Interior noise

Static and dynamic interior noise pressures are measured in both the driver and passenger compartments of the train. Measurement in the passenger compartment is by microphones connected to a multi-channel data acquisition system.

Exterior noise

Exterior acoustics measurements are taken while the train is stationary and passby exterior noise measured in various speed conditions.

Train public address systems

Rapid Speech Transmission Index (RASTI) is measured for both the driver’s microphone and PA playback system on open track and in tunnel conditions.

Platform public address systems

Acoustic measurements are taken to measure platform public address systems to ensure that announcements are intelligible over the ambient noise environment.

Ride Comfort Test (Vibration test)

Measurements are undertaken to ensure that vibrations in the floor, walls, seat frames and other surfaces are below specified tolerances.