Towards A Quieter Future

Proving our engineers are players on the global stage, Vipac’s experts Dr. Peter Teague and Vasos Alexandrou attended the world’s largest acoustic conference, Inter-Noise 2016, in Hamburg in August.

They delivered two papers, the first written in collaboration with the Department of Defence and fellow colleague, James Conomos, titled ‘Noise Reduction Advances at Major Defence Facilities in Australia’, and the second ‘A Quantitative Evaluation of Occupational Noise Exposure in Marine and Mining’.

Major advances have been recently demonstrated from a long-term Noise Reduction Project for the Department of Defence (DoD) in Australia. A review and assessment of noise management practices across the DoD identified a range of deficiencies and recommendations to reduce the workplace exposure from military and industrial noise sources.

Our engineers’ findings led to a wide range of noise control measures being developed across the Defence, Mining and Marine industries to substantially reduce noise exposure levels and provide a quieter future for personnel. Congratulations to Peter and Vasos for their sterling contributions!