Hearing Awareness Week, from Sunday 24th to Saturday 30th August 2014, is an ideal opportunity for employers to focus on minimising workplace noise.

Excessive noise in the workplace is an occupational health hazard, particularly in industrial environments. Effects include permanent hearing loss, tinnitus (ringing in the ears), hypertension and heart disease.

“Occupational hearing loss represents a very significant social and economic burden for Australia. Nationally, an estimated 1 million employees in Australia may be potentially exposed to hazardous levels of noise at work. Noise exposure is the commonest preventable cause of occupational hearing loss. While entirely preventable, once acquired it is irreversible.”

– Safe Work Australia website

Businesses that minimise workplace noise benefit from fewer sick days, lower staff turnover, improved productivity and enhanced reputation. There are many practical, cost-effective ways to protect yourself and your workers.

If your business uses warning sounds to alert to dangerous situations, has work practices that rely on verbal communications, or involves work around mobile machinery or traffic, you need to be especially vigilant of safety issues in relation to noise.

Vipac is accredited for the assessment of occupational noise exposure by the methods of standard AS/NZS 1269 – Occupational Noise Management.

Vipac’s occupational noise experts can assist you with:

  • Noise measurements, monitoring, and modelling
  • Optimising tailored engineering controls to reduce excessive exposure to noise
  • Measuring mobile plant for sound power levels
  • Developing a workplace noise policy and designing measures to ensure compliance with national and local noise regulations
  • Human vibration
  • Airborne contaminant exposure
  • Occupational hygiene.


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