No Nasty Noises

Thursday 19 April, 2018

Vipac engineers test the noise levels of mining and tunneling equipment.

Businesses that minimise workplace noise benefit from improved productivity and increased profitability. With over 100,000 employees across Australia, mining is a well-known industry where a duty of care to avoid occupational health hazards, particularly excessive noise, is paramount.

Vipac is at the forefront of working with organisations within the mining industry to ensure employees are protected from the effects of extreme noise levels and the risks involved, including permanent hearing loss and tinnitus (ringing of the ears).

Recently, Vipac partnered with the Normet Group, a global market leader in providing underground technical solutions to the mining industry, to test the noise levels of its mining and tunneling products used in mining sites across the nation.

Conducting environmental testing in Adelaide, Vipac’s world class acoustics team used high intensity equipment to confirm the Normet Group’s products complied with national OH&S noise regulations. The test report completed by our experts will be used by Normet as confirmation that their products are fit for purpose within the mine sites where the Normet Group’s clients operate.

The tests were a success and mining workers across Australia can be reassured that they are working in safe environments and have not been exposed to hazardous levels of noise at workplaces where the Normet Group products are being used.

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