Acoustics – Auditoria

The acoustics of a space make a significant contribution to the understanding of speech and the enjoyment of music. Including acoustics in architectural design helps to significantly improve the performance of a space. Auditoria, theatres, conference centers, schools, arenas and restaurants can all benefit from excellent acoustics.

Vipac works closely with clients to design and develop acoustically exceptional and functional spaces that sound natural and exceed expectations. We strive to provide excellent speech intelligibility, clarity, sound strength, spaciousness, performer comfort and support, timbre, correct reverberance and all other important acoustical parameters.

We can assist in all typical project phases:

  • Definition of acoustic specifications
  • Pre and sketch design
  • Detailed design
  • Creation of tender documentation
  • Evaluation of tender phase
  • Project supervision before construction
  • Project inspection during construction
  • Acoustic commissioning measurements after construction.

Our past and current projects include performance art centers, spaces for music and speech, multipurpose spaces, auditoria, multistorey dwellings, office buildings, sound reinforcement systems, places of worship, studios, listening rooms and private houses.