Environmental Noise

Noise pollution is considered one of the most critical environmental issues. Whether you’re lodging a planning application or an insurance claim, meeting EPA regulations, installing new plant and equipment, avoiding council complaints, upholding health and safety guidelines, or appeasing resident concerns, Vipac can help you assess and mitigate your environmental noise issues.

The source of your noise problem could be anything from construction noise, operational noise, industrial noise, transport noise, or entertainment noise. Regardless, our environmental noise impact assessments can be done on any kind of residential, industrial or commercial development, including

  • Heavy Industry plants (i.e. power, energy, manufacturing)
  • Waste facilities
  • Water management plants
  • Oil drilling facilities
  • Shops and department stores
  • Hospitals
  • Theme parks
  • Metal shredders
  • Airport masterplans and expansions
  • Proposed developments near rail, roads, freeways and air traffic
  • Schools and universities
  • Concert venues
  • Hotels and residential developments.

We consider local, state and national noise impact criteria to monitor noise levels, both at proposed sites and existing facilities, and determine mitigation options if required.

Vipac’s acoustic consultants conduct environmental noise impact assessments on residential, industrial and commercial developments.

Who do we work with?

Typically, we work with developers, architects, planning consultants, builders and the construction industry to provide intelligent acoustic advice while maintaining a delicate balance between cost, functionality and aesthetics.

Get in early!

The earlier we get involved in a project, the easier it is to find a cost-effective solution which meets the needs of both our client and the local planning authority. Remove costly revisions and minimise disruptions by integrating acoustic elements into the overall design of a development. Early consultation can save big dollars on project costs.

What do environmental noise impact assessments involve?

Vipac works with the end client to prepare an assessment report that illustrates how an existing or proposed development or building can comply with requirements set out by regulatory bodies (local planning authorities or environmental protection services).  Here is a breakdown of what we do:

Baseline noise monitoring

Vipac measures baseline noise levels at the relevant site or area of similar noise exposure. This is conducted during a site survey using specialised noise monitoring equipment

Establishing impacts

Once a site survey is conducted, Vipac understands what impacts the proposed development will have on the existing environment, and vice versa. We use nationally recognised measurement and calculation methods.

​Mitigating impacts

As members of the Australian Acoustical Society, our engineers manage and mitigate noise controls in order to facilitate good design and effective planning in built up and natural environments. Where an impact is deemed unfavourable, we offer robust mitigation solutions to minimise the impact and meet relevant guidelines.

Assessment of residual effects

To support your project’s progression, we provide a written summary of the residual impacts.

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Melbourne Markets Relocation

Vipac designed and installed acoustic monitoring equipment to investigate whether simulated market noise levels were compliant with the Victorian EPA environmental noise policy

Hydro Tasmania

Vipac assisted with understanding how noise is propagated and dispersed in the wake of the 2016 Tasmanian energy crisis.

Brookfield Multiplex

Vipac’s noise management plan for Brookfield Multiplex translated into extended working hours for the Mundaring Water Treatment Plant.

“Vipac was instrumental during the construction phase of the Mundaring Water Treatment Plant project, being Brookfield Multiplex’s preferred provider for dust, noise and vibration monitoring and modelling.

As consultants for the $330M project, Vipac’s modelling of construction noise contours and noise management plan translated into tangible benefits of extended working hours for Brookfield Multiplex and provided assurance to the local Mundaring residents.”

— Brookfield Multiplex Australasia


SMRT, Singapore

To counter widespread noise complaints, the Singapore Government commissioned Vipac to measure train noise and its impact on noise sensitive premises, resulting in the country’s first implementation of noise barriers.

Changi Airport (Terminal 2), Singapore

Vipac ensured people could hear announcements over the jet engine roar, which was no small feat when a flight takes off every 90 seconds.

Ciputra World Theatre, Indonesia

Vipac provided attenuation of traffic noise for), using lightweight materials without compromising the theatre’s aesthetics.

Vipac’s acoustic consultants on a range of acoustics projects locally and internationally, including Hydro Tasmania, Melbourne Market and Changi Airport, Singapore.

The Vipac Difference

Established in 1973, we leverage decades of experience satisfying regulators and solving environmental noise problems. Our multi-disciplinary approach means you only have to deal with one consultant for noise, air quality and wind, saving you time and hassle. Vipac is one of only three companies in Australia with their own in-house wind tunnel testing facilities, proving that our services are truly niche. Here are some of our other services:

  • Wind
  • Vibration
  • Air quality testing
  • Sustainability including NCC Section J.

Have you had a planning application rejected lately?

Most planning application rejections owing to poor noise can be avoided through early consultation. Whether it’s a DA, MCU, EIS or ERA, Vipac supports all types of planning submissions and work closely with approval teams and guide them every step of the way to achieve a favourable outcome. Our environmental noise impact assessments support municipal site plans and land-use rezoning approvals.

What services do we offer?

  • Noise surveys & assessments
  • Noise contour mapping
  • Façade noise mapping
  • Sound isolation testing
  • Rating of industrial noise
  • Noise leakage investigations
  • Occupational noise surveys
  • Environmental noise studies
  • Assess, predict, and control road, railway traffic, and aircraft noise
  • Industrial, commercial and retail noise assessment, prediction and control
  • Expert witness, representation at hearings

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Vipac is a member of the Australian Acoustical Society.