Environmental Noise

One of the greatest environmental issues resulting from new infrastructure is increased noise levels from surface transportation systems.

Vipac has conducted extensive environmental impact assessments for highway, airport, rail, tram, and industrial infrastructure projects. The combination of experience and Vipac’s foundation skills in Acoustics, means our engineers can design-out noise issues during the design phase. Predictive noise assessments and effective planned noise control treatments that optimise cost effective construction and operating solutions can be provided.

For linear sound sources like road and rail structures, optimisations are made (for size or cost) to multiple receiver locations with various barrier constraints. Prediction algorithms cater for steady state, impulsive and explosive events. With the help of sophisticated computer programs, noise contour maps are prepared, potential noise sources and the impact on surrounds are evaluated. Data and reports are graphical and easily understood.

Constant and reliable monitoring of noise sources is important for accurate noise assessments and interpretations. Noise-monitoring services include design, installation and operation of environmental noise monitors and noise barrier design for existing developments including compliance audits.
Projects where Vipac has applied innovative and cost effective design solutions to control or isolate noise include:

  • New and upgraded highway and airport configurations
  • Urban traffic and flight paths
  • Land zoning and subdivisions
  • Above and below-ground rail systems and terminals
  • Power stations and wind farms
  • Pumping stations
  • Construction and machinery

Find out more information on Vipac’s Environmental Noise Monitor.