Noise Vibration Harshness (NVH)

    Industry standard software methods like Finite Element Analysis and Statistical Energy Analysis are used for NVH investigations. With AutoSEA, an award winning software program designed by Vibro-Acoustic Sciences, vibration and noise reduction in design has been made effective and efficient. AutoSEA, a fully graphical, object-oriented implementation of Statistical Energy Analysis, enables Vipac’s engineers to integrate noise and vibration predictions into the design process whilst working closely with existing noise and vibration test processes.

    Vipac can provide diagnosis and in-depth analysis of your product’s noise and vibration characteristics. NVH investigations are conducted using AutoSEA, the award winning CAE-software for the prediction of noise & vibration.

    Vipac's Vibration and Shock Qualification Testing Lab.

    Vipac’s Vibration and Shock Qualification Testing Lab.

    Noise Vibration Harshness Design with AutoSEA

    • Noise & vibration simulation, prediction and design
    • Fully graphical, object orientated implementation of SEA (Statistical Energy Analysis)
    • Provides broadband analysis (50 -10,000Hz) and solutions at frequencies modal analysis cannot reach
    • Test compatible, test data directly transferable into model
    • Awarded SAE-A (Society of Automotive Engineers – Australasia) Gold Award 1997


    • Noise & vibration reduction at design/ analysis stage, saving time and money
    • No extensive redesign of prototypes
    • Elimination of costly mistakes
    • Unique insight into the dynamic behaviour and dissipation mechanics within the structure
    • Information on energy transfer in the system


    • Internal & External Noise Measurement
    • Dynamic Mapping of Noise & Vibration Sources
    • ADR, EPA, ISO Testing
    • Muffler Design, Development, Specification, Evaluation
    • Production Line Acceptance Testing
    • In-Car Entertainment System
    • Evaluation & Design
    • Sound Intensity Studies
    • Acoustic/Aerodynamic Interaction, Quiet Airflow Testing Tunnels

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