Consumer Appliances

Whether you need NATA accredited reports for certification/registration, or help with product development to gain that all important competitive edge, our qualified engineers can work in partnership with you as manufacturers, importers and distributors, to help get your products to market.

Appliance/component testing can be for any of the following purposes:

  • Compliance testing for registering the appliance with the Equipment Energy Efficiency Program (E3) for Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS) and Energy Rating Labelling scheme (under GEMS).
  • Registering for the Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards scheme (WELS).
  • Stage 2 Check-testing under the Greenhouse and Energy Minimum Standards (GEMS) legislation. (Note we also conduct Stage 1 check-testing directly for GEMS / E3 program).
  • Numerous schemes run by CABs (Conformance Assessment Bodies) are applicable for products such as solar water heaters.
  • Testing for eligibility to the register of Solar Water Heaters and Heat Pumps under the Clean Energy Regulator.
  • Preparation of due diligence compliance folders for risk management and routine quality assurance when only a voluntary scheme exists to ensure product safety. This is strongly recommended by the ACCC.
  • Screen testing for manufacturers as risk mitigation to confirm that today’s manufactured unit produces the same performance results as the original registered version.
  • R&D to improve the performance or safety of an appliance or system prior to certification or compliance testing.
  • Testing to understand the effect of manufacturing tolerances.
  • Testing to add independent value to performance claims.
  • Testing for comparative purposes.
  • Design assistance for new technology ideas.
  • Testing small scale mock-ups prior to building.
  • Data for use in advertising and marketing material.

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Consumer Appliances