Airblast & Ground Vibration

Blasting is necessary for the unearthing of ore or stone and the demolition of structures. The benefits however are often overshadowed by the distressing effects airblasting and ground vibration can have on individuals, neighbouring communities, building structures and the environment.

Vipac offers a range of services to monitor, analyse and implement measures to minimise the health and safety concerns of blasting and ensure environmental standards are adhered to.

Airblast Ground Vibration Pictures

Vipac conducts pre and post assessments on the effects blasting has on individuals, communities and the environment.

What services does Vipac offer?

Vipac’s vibration consultants can assist you in satisfying the Australian Standard, AS2187-2(2006): Explosives – Storage and Use of Explosives, ensuring your blasting methods are safe, by offering:

  • Pre-blast and post-blast surveys, including impact statements on sensitive sites.
  • Ground vibration monitoring programs; initial (pre-operations) and ongoing.
  • Instant documented analysis of vibration and airblasts, using portable field monitoring systems including sensors to measure PPV vibrations.

We can also conduct special vibration studies, to determine what measures need to be implemented to overcome issues relating to excessive airblasting and ground vibration.

What makes Vipac unique?

 Detailed needs analysis and mapping of sensitive sites in proximity and directions of the mine or quarry, such as:

  • Assistance with developing an Environmental Monitoring Plan specific to your blasting management procedures, prior to approval by the local authority.
  • Environmental assessment and report on effects of airblasting and ground vibration.
  • Comprehensive guide on recommendations to mitigate issues relating to excessive blasting and exceeding environmental limitations.
Airblast Ground Vibration Pictures

Airblast Ground Vibration Pictures. Vipac can work with mines and quarries to implement programs designed to reduce the effects of blasting.

What do our services include?

Before we conduct any survey or analysis, we consider all the critical external factors which may effect the generation and transmission of airblasts and ground vibration, including;

  • Blast design
  • Meteorology (particularly wind speed and direction)
  • Temperature inversions
  • Landscape, including dust emissions
  • Geological conditions, including rock density
  • Soil water content
  • Nearest sensitive sites
  • Site boundaries

What benefits does Vipac offer?

 Accuracy: Calibrated equipment from a NATA accredited facility means we deliver a consistently reliable and impartial testing service.

Convenience: Instant SMS/Email notification.

Flexibility: Short to long term Ground Vibration Monitoring programs available, with the flexibility to define and monitor intervals.

Experienced: Drawing on nearly five decades of experience, we can develop holistic Airblasting and Ground Vibration management plans for your operations.