Pipe Thickness Testing

Vipac offers industry leading Pipe Thickness Testing to assist specialists in building maintenance and operations management to gauge the condition of their buildings’ pipes.

Conduits for water and gas, pipes are an integral part of the mechanical services of a building, which are vulnerable to corrosion and external vibrations.

Our experts use state of the art technology to assess your pipes conditions, detect the build-up of debris and deterioration and report on any foreseeable hazards within your workplace.

Ultrasonic pipe thickness measurement.

Vipac conducts pipe thickness testing as a critical component of predictive maintenance.

What makes Vipac unique?

  • Vipac uses advanced ultrasonic equipment to gauge the thickness and deterioration of a pipe’s wall thickness
  • Non-intrusive testing of pipelines using ultrasonic sensors to determine any variation in wall thickness of the pipes which may indicate deterioration or the pipe wall.
  • Ultrasonic testing can be completed under normal operating conditions and is only required once a year
  • Annual routine testing can assist with predictive maintenance and ensure pipes are at optimal performance
  • Comprehensive reports, including details of any fatigue or weaknesses to any of the pipes and recommendations to mitigate any potential hazards
  • Single point of contact for certification and auditing to maintain quality control

What are the benefits of Pipe Thickness Testing?

  • NATA Accredited testing capabilities
  • Prevent catastrophic damage from leaking water or gases, including fire risk
  • Reduce your liabilities to damage claims
  • Minimise loss of productivity and revenue due to workplace hazards
  • Lower risk of damage to other building elements
  • Ensure safe working conditions

Other tests we do

  • Laser Alignment
  • Impact Testing / Bump Testing / Natural Frequency Testing
  • Thermography and Electrical Condition Monitoring
  • Vibration Modal Analysis/ Vibration Analysis
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Durability Testing
  • Fatigue Testing
  • Deterioration Testing
Ultrasonic pipe thickness testing

Vipac’s engineers on site using ultrasonic equipment to test the thickness of external pipes.