No business ever wants to deal with ‘avoidable’ disasters within the workplace. Unchecked electrical equipment or unidentified faults in machinery can lead to power outages, equipment failure and electrical fires.

In order to maintain the integrity and ensure the safety of your occupants, thermography inspections should be included as a critical task on every business’ preventative maintenance plan.

Thermographic image

Vipac’s thermographic engineers use infrared radiation to determine any anomalies in electrical systems.

What is thermography?

Thermography is a powerful preventative maintenance technique used to measure the temperatures of electrical and mechanical systems using infrared radiation.

Under normal operating conditions, thermal imaging is developed to survey any anomalies in energy levels. Any variations which are detected may indicate dangerous faults with electrical installments, equipment or rotating machinery, which could be disastrous if left unattended.

Why is thermography beneficial?

A thermography inspection is an effective non-intrusive online technique, used to:

  • safeguard your business from equipment or machinery defects not visible to the naked eye, avoiding damage and downtime
  • be an effective method for safeguarding costly assets by preventing minor electrical faults before they develop into major problems
  • increase reliability and productivity by identifying overheating electrical connections and machinery components and scheduling repairs during planned downtimes.
Thermography image

Thermography is a powerful technique which accurately assesses defects in electrical installments and rotating machinery.

What sort of thermography inspections does Vipac offer?

We can tailor our thermography services to best suit your business and its needs and conduct:

  • electrical thermography inspections on all your business’ electrical systems, equipment and installations
  • mechanical thermography inspections on all your rotating machinery and equipment to detect any faults, including bearing failures
  • building thermography inspections to detect moisture within the walls and any pipeline blockages within your building

Post – inspection

After completing one or all of the above inspections, our team of certified thermographers will:

  • provide you with a complete temperature map or thermal imaging of the total electrical installation or rotating machinery, identifying existing and developing problems
  • resolve temperature variations as small as 0.08oC and spatially to 1milli-radian, if required
  • provide unbiased, professional advice and recommend tailored preventative solutions for a range of electrical or machinery problems
  • provide clear and concise reports on potential hazards, enabling early and economic ratification

What areas are monitored with thermal inspections?   

The areas which thermal inspections monitor, include:

  • Low Voltage Transformer Units
  • Low Voltage Switchboards
  • Capacitor Banks
  • MCCB Panels
  • MCB BD Panels
  • THis Busduct Riser Mains
Thermography testing image

This shows the Thermal Imaging Test alongside the electrical equipment being tested. Thermographic inspections safeguard your business from minor faults becoming a disaster within the workplace.