Australian organisations are both morally and legally obligated to protect their employees from exposure to excessive noise, vibration and airborne hazards. Vipac provides specialist services in Monitoring, Compliance, Risk Management, Audits & Solutions.

To keep apprised of changes in the OH&S industry, our Acoustic & Vibration Engineers are Associate Members of the Australian Institute of Occupational Hygienists (AIOH) and are invited to deliver papers each year. Scroll down below to see the topics researched. Vipac’s Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) services include:

Noise and Vibration

  • Occupational noise exposure assessment.
  • Machinery noise and room acoustics.
  • Sound intensity measurements for noise analysis and noise source identification.
  • Assessment of whole body vibration exposure.
  • Hand-arm vibration exposure assessment.
  • Development of engineering noise and vibration controls.
  • Occupational noise management.

See also: Acoustic Glossary

Air Quality

  • Measurement of outdoor airborne concentrations of individual chemicals.
  • Measurement of dust concentration and risk assessment associated with work in dusty environment.
  • Measurement of diesel emissions.
  • Measurement and control of indoor hazardous welding fumes.
  • Assessment and design of air pollution control systems.


  • Assessment and management of problems associated with inadequate lighting.


  • Measurement and assessment of radiation levels.

Air Conditioning

  • Assessment and management of problems associated with air-conditioning noise, inadequate thermal conditions, air velocity and air humidity.

Fire Safety

  • Review of background noise levels relative to emergency/ evacuation tones.
  • Smoke dispersion modelling.

Past and current papers from AIOH Conference:

‘Measurable Improvements from Integrating an Occupational Noise Exposure Reduction Project across Defence’
Addressing the widespread noise hazards in Defence and providing a five year noise reduction plan coupled with measurable improvements.

‘Assessing a Miner’s Occupational Noise Exposure Using Personal Noise Dosimetry’
A statistical review of noise dosimetry for miner’s in the Mining industry.

‘Statistical Evaluation of Noise Dosimetry Samples across a wide range of Similar Exposure Groups’
A statistical review and comparison of noise levels for workers in the Mining and Defence industries.

‘Whole Body Vibration across the Mining Industry’,
Providing a statistical analysis of Whole Body Vibration (WBV) across different vehicle types and conditions in the mining industry, the results of which led to seat performance comparisons and recommendations.

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