Occupational Health & Safety

Australian industry has an obligation under a wide range of legislation to protect employees from harm through exposure to noise, vibration and airborne hazards.

Vipac can provide specialised services in Monitoring, Compliance, Risk Management, Audits & Solutions.

Vipac’s Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) services include:

Noise and Vibration

  • Occupational noise exposure assessment:
  • Machinery noise and room acoustics
  • Sound intensity measurements for noise analysis and noise source identification
  • Assessment of whole body vibration exposure
  • Development of engineering noise and vibration controls
  • Occupational noise management

See also: Acoustic Glossary

Air Quality

  • Measurement of outdoor airborne concentrations of individual chemicals
  • Measurement of dust concentration and risk assessment associated with work in dusty environment
  • Measurement of diesel emissions
  • Measurement and control of indoor hazardous welding fumes
  • Assessment and design of air pollution control systems


  • Assessment and Management of problems associated with inadequate lighting


  • Measurement and assessment of radiation levels

Air Conditioning

  • Assessment and management of problems associated with air-conditioning noise, inadequate thermal conditions, air velocity and air humidity

Fire Safety

  • Review of background noise levels relative to emergency/ evacuation tones
  • Smoke dispersion modelling using CFD