Plant Maintenance and Optimisation

With an effective maintenance program for plant & machinery problems can be detected quickly; avoiding major failures that lead to emergency shutdowns & lost production. Using the latest monitoring equipment, Vipac’s engineers tailor their services to best suit the needs of individual clients, ranging from peripheral support to full out-sourcing.

Machine Condition Monitoring

Audits of plant & machinery are conducted to highlight faults & establish optimum maintenance programs to maximise life of plant. Vipac’s condition monitoring services comprise bearing surveys, overall machine surveys, balancing & advanced diagnosis of machine faults. Techniques include vibration condition monitoring, infrared thermographic surveys, lubricating oil analysis (Tribology), motor circuit testing, laser alignment & dynamic machinery balancing.

Structural Fatigue & Mechanical Wear

Vipac assesses & provides remedies for the structural fatigue & mechanical wear of machine components by using multi-channel strain measurements, finite element modelling & code-based recommendations.

In-Shop Inspection of Idler Bearings

Vipac has developed state-of-the-art technology to provide manufacturing facilities with a novel Bearing Fault Detection System for In-Shop Inspection of Conveyor Idlers capable of screening both new & used idlers for faulty bearings quickly & reliably. Vipac’s IN-SHOP Acoustic Bearing Fault Detection System will assist Manufacturers by increasing the certainty that idlers supplied to their customers are of the best possible standard of quality, reliability & safety. It will also yield significant savings in Idler Refurbishment costs as a result of a major reduction in inspection time, particularly in the selection of ‘satisfactory idlers’ that can be returned to service at minimal cost.

Vibration Monitoring & Analysis

  • Condition monitoring & fault diagnosis
  • Torsional vibration
  • Vibration isolation
  • Modal analysis & structural modification
  • Ground vibration / blast vibration
  • Fatigue life & failure assessment, strain measurements & structural rehabilitation
  • Automated diesel engine diagnosis
  • Rotor dynamics analysis & analytical modelling
  • Single & multi plane field balancing of turbo machinery, boiler feed pumps, fans, etc
  • Vibration shaker tests of components & systems to MIL, AS, Lloyds & IEC Standards
  • Shock design & certification
  • Design for vibration endurance
  • Ride evaluations & human comfort assessment

Computational Fluid Dynamics

Vipac offers a full range of services in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), providing sophisticated solutions for a range of fundamental fluid problems. Finite Element And Control Volume Analysis. Physical Models:

  • Steady and transient flow
  • Laminar and turbulence model
  • Porous media model
  • Multiphase flow
  • Incompressible & compressible flow
  • Newtonian and non-Newtonian flow
  • Heating and ventilation
  • Fire hazard and smoke analysis
  • Pollutant dispersal modelling
  • Moving body (Fan, Pump, Mixture)
  • Particle tracing models
  • Subroutine for user coding


  • Object based model
  • Problem analysis
  • CAD/CAE system link

Cost, Schedule & Final Report

  • Competitive quotations
  • Tight Schedule
  • Results provided in paper, electronic and CD-ROM formats